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Here's my question and it's straightforward: "Why do I have to click three times on Wix BEFORE I can start editing my site?" The first two clicks is redundant, is it just me?

And here's some "gut" (I'm from Jersey): I want to use a symbol in my font, sure, G can figure it out, but what about Wix? Hey, feels like cuffs or shackles on me, this is a screed on my blog because Wix didn't make it easy for them to hear me. So y'all hear'n me. Anyway, "constricted" is how I feel. If I code my own (hint: WordPress) I can get my stuff and my beefs will matter. At least in the sense that I won't have to hide 'em. If you (say, Wix) can't hear me I don't just keep holler'n, I go talk to somebody else.

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